How Google is changing the way people think about artificial intelligence

What happens when an artificial intelligence becomes a person?

The answer is Google.

In an interview with Business Insider, CEO Sundar Pichai says that AI is a person’s best friend, and Google will now “focus on making sure it’s a person who’s a great AI partner, not a person to be a servant to.”

And, for now, Google is still the only company with a robot named “G” for the Alphabet Inc. search giant.

But it’s not just Google that is making an effort to be smarter about the way it treats artificial intelligence.

Apple Inc. is also working to make AI the default search engine for iPhones, and Apple is investing heavily in AI research and artificial intelligence technology.

So is Amazon.

And so are Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many others.

Here are five of the companies that have made AI the norm and will make it the default for a lot more than just computers.

Apple Google Amazon Amazon Apple is the most popular tech company in the world, and it’s working to become more like Google.

The tech giant is already working to get its products to the cloud and build AI tools to help people use their iPhones better.

Its AI arm is building a “deep learning” engine that can predict what an iPhone user will type in order to get the best possible results.

That means Apple’s “deep neural network” can “learn” what a user might type into its search bar and make suggestions to improve the results.

The AI tool will eventually be able to “understand” what you want to do with a photo and tell you what you should do next.

Google is also building a cloud AI platform that will help it build products like Google Photos that let people upload and share their photos, and help it help businesses and advertisers identify and connect with users.

Apple has built a cloud version of the same AI technology for its own devices.

Facebook is building AI tools that will let people use its Facebook News Feed to see what other people are saying about you.

And Amazon is working on a social AI platform for its Kindle Fire tablets that will enable people to post content on the site.

Google, Amazon and Facebook have also made AI tools for the Apple Watch.

Google Glass has been one of the most-talked about products for years.

But the company is also trying to make artificial intelligence a mainstream part of people’s lives.

It’s building an artificial neural network that can help it identify and learn about people, like it has with its Google Glass and Siri devices.

Amazon is also investing heavily on AI.

It recently bought a startup called Parse, which develops tools that can automatically parse text and other data and can give it suggestions.

And Facebook bought a company called ImageNet, which makes AI-powered robots to help with social media and news content.

Google recently rolled out a new “Google AI” platform, called “Deep Dream,” that aims to make its products more useful to people and more powerful.

But Apple and Google aren’t just working on AI as a means to get more people to buy their products.

The companies are also investing in it as a way to build artificial intelligence that will make them a lot richer.

Apple is building an AI tool that will give people access to a video on the iPhone’s YouTube channel and give them personalized recommendations.

Google’s AI tool allows users to post videos and make predictions about what they should see next.

Amazon’s AI platform lets users use its Amazon Mechanical Turk (ATS) service to search for jobs and get feedback on their work.

And Microsoft is building artificial intelligence tools to use to build apps for the Xbox, Surface and Windows 8.5.

“There’s a lot of overlap between what we’re doing with artificial intelligence and the kind of work that AI did for the first 10 years of this century, the era of AI technology being the most important thing in our lives,” Google’s Pichau said.

“We’re also going to have to be very careful in what we do.

We want to build things that are smart, but we don’t want to put them in a box.”

The best way to learn about the new tech is to read our new “The Future of AI” feature.

Follow along with our story and see how AI is changing everything.

Google Now The next generation of technology is already taking shape, and we’ll be seeing a lot that is both powerful and new.

Google has already been developing a new search system that’s built on artificial intelligence called “Google Now.”

It has a built-in artificial intelligence algorithm that can determine what you’re looking for.

Google announced the system at its developer conference in California on Monday.

Google says that the system will work on smartphones and tablets, and is designed to help users discover things like weather and news while also providing them with relevant information.

Google isn’t the only one building artificial-intelligence tools.

Facebook has been developing artificial- intelligence tools for its Facebook Messenger app for years and Facebook is now adding another one to its app.