Watch the new HBO series, Artificial Intelligence, and You’re Not Alone

A smart and highly-detailed artificial intelligence (AI) story, in which two brothers and their friend find themselves at odds over the fate of their beloved AI.

Written and directed by David Sirlin, the first season of Artificial Intelligence is available now on HBO.

Watch the trailer for the show above.

Read moreThe first season follows the brothers, Simon and Matt, as they attempt to find their brother’s mysterious AI, which is programmed to play a variety of games, and which Simon claims to be the son of an intelligence source.

Simon and Matt are on a quest to track down the AI, while Matt is tasked with investigating an incident involving an AI called “Valkyrie” (an acronym for “the machine”) which he says has a “dark side” to it.

The show follows the adventures of the brothers as they seek to find the AI’s source, while also exploring the relationship between the two and the mysterious “Valkyries”.

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