A Chinese robot takes a selfie in front of a wall of selfies

An artificial intelligence robot took a selfie at the wall of selfie selfies at a Chinese city.

It was a bold move by the Chinese robot, which took a picture of a smiling Chinese man holding his hand up and posing next to a photo of a grinning woman.

The selfie, which was taken by the robotic avatar, shows the robot smiling at the woman and holding the hand up.

China has been struggling to crack the selfie problem in the past few years, with some companies like Xiaomi and ZTE seeing the technology as a potential alternative to selfie makers like Facebook and Instagram.

But the selfie trend has also grown in popularity, with more people posting selfies online.

After taking a selfie, the robot then takes a series of photos.

It then takes another selfie of the same face, before finally showing the woman with the smiley face.

ZTE said the selfie bot was developed in response to its users’ requests for selfies to be taken more frequently.

This photo taken by an artificial intelligence (AI) robot shows a smiling man holding a hand up as it takes a photo in front a selfie wall in Beijing.ZTE has been trying to get into the selfie business for years, having released a selfie-bot called Aibo that can take selfies in front and behind a wall.

However, the company has faced criticism for not taking better photos.