Why the U.K. will soon be facing an artificial intelligence apocalypse

A British company is predicting a “mass extinction” of its artificial intelligence (AI) business when the world’s population hits 11 billion.

The company, which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, said in a blog post that it would soon begin using artificial intelligence to make products and services for the entertainment industry.

The move is part of a larger strategy to take advantage of AI and other emerging technologies, including autonomous driving, cloud computing, autonomous agriculture and self-driving cars.

“The market for AI and related technologies is projected to reach $20 trillion in 2025, which includes more than $10 trillion in revenue,” the company wrote.

“There is a risk that we may not be able to keep pace with the technological evolution in the coming decades.

We have no choice but to focus on building our business around the products and technologies we can leverage, which are the core competencies of our company.”

The company’s blog post also mentioned other companies it said would be facing the same scenario, including Amazon and Netflix.

Amazon has previously said it could shut down its AI business in 2019 if it is not profitable.

In a blogpost on Thursday, the company said it would take “the necessary actions” to stop its AI “destroying our business model”.

“Our business model has been disrupted, and we are now facing the consequences,” the post said.

“Our customers will not be happy.

This is not a problem we are happy to have.”