IBM is launching an artificial intelligence research group that aims to help artificial intelligence companies develop better artificial intelligence algorithms

IBM’s artificial intelligence team is launching a new research group focused on developing artificial intelligence-based products and services.

The research group, IBM Artificial Intelligence Research (IBRI), will be led by CEO John Chambers, and will be composed of IBM scientists and engineers.

The announcement comes as IBM continues to invest heavily in artificial intelligence, which is the technology behind many of its services, such as Watson, and Watson is now one of the most used technology in medical imaging.

The company’s Watson Watson artificial intelligence system, which competes with Google’s Watson, has become the world’s most widely used artificial intelligence engine.

The company’s Artificial Intelligence Unit (AIU) has also been developing artificial intelligences that are capable of creating artificial intelligence applications, which include a Watson system that is capable of understanding facial expressions and speech.

It is also developing a system that can identify a person based on their handwriting, which will help in identifying a person in a criminal case.IBM says it will also work with other companies to improve artificial intelligence technologies and to develop better applications for the AI, as well as in areas such as speech recognition.

The AIU will be comprised of AI scientists and software engineers from IBM, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Facebook, and others, according to a release from the company.IBRI is not the first AI research group at IBM to focus on artificial intelligence.

It has previously focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision.

IBM has previously also invested heavily in AI research, including its artificial intelligence division, which developed Deep Blue and its supercomputer Watson.