Why you should care about AWS’s AI engine

Amazon is working on a new AI platform for cloud computing, and that’s leading to some interesting news about the company’s AI efforts.

But the company isn’t announcing much at all about the platform, which could signal that the company still hasn’t fully understood how to leverage artificial intelligence for its cloud computing offerings.

The news comes from a blog post published by Jeff Hickey, Amazon’s vice president of AI.

He mentions AWS’s “deep learning” initiative as well as its cloud AI platform, and mentions the “Amazon Machine Learning API” and other cloud AI technologies.

It’s unclear what AWS has in store for these cloud AI projects, or how AWS intends to leverage these cloud platforms for its AI efforts, if anything.

This news is a bit surprising, as Amazon has been quietly working on artificial intelligence projects for some time.

Back in 2017, the company announced that it was working on an AI framework for its own AWS products, and it’s since launched several AI projects for Amazon Web Services.

Amazon announced a cloud AI framework earlier this year, and a number of the AWS projects are being rolled out today, but the company has yet to announce what they’re about.

Amazon’s AI teams have been working on these projects for years, and some of them have been successful, but other projects have struggled.

AWS is expected to announce more AI projects over the coming months.

For now, Amazon has yet also announced a new AWS Cloud platform called “Amazon S3” and announced the company would begin shipping “S3-ready” servers, but it’s not clear whether those servers are capable of running on AWS’s new AI efforts or whether these servers will be fully functional.

It also hasn’t yet released details on AWS Cloud S3, but this could be another sign of the company developing its own cloud AI efforts in parallel with its cloud infrastructure, or just as a separate service.

It’s also unclear what type of cloud AI AWS plans to use for these new projects.

If the company is developing its cloud-based AI for its AWS S3 platform, it may be using Amazon’s Cloud Vision for AI, a cloud-powered AI system that was recently purchased by Google for a total of $3.3 billion.

AWS already uses Google Cloud Vision to run its AWS services, but Google’s cloud AI is still a work in progress, and AWS has been working with Google to develop Cloud Vision in parallel.

AWS has also announced that the cloud AI service that it is developing with Google will eventually support Google Cloud Platform.

It has not yet announced exactly what the cloud platform will support.

Other AWS cloud AI services have also recently received attention from companies like Google.

The company acquired AWS’s Cloud Cognito platform in 2016 for $2.4 billion.

It announced last year that it had acquired a number the other cloud computing services that Google had acquired in the past.

Google’s Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service that helps companies build and manage their own private cloud services, and Cloud Cognition is an open-source cloud platform for developers to use.

AWS’s cloud platforms have been popular among companies that want to leverage Amazon’s infrastructure for its software, and the company might be using its cloud platforms to build AI products for other companies too.