India to introduce artificial intelligence as a technology in everyday life

NEW DELHI, Dec 02 – Artificial intelligence will be used in everyday activities as a way to augment human intelligence, a government spokesperson said today.

The spokesperson said the National Institute of Technology (NIT) and Ministry of Science and Technology will be developing AI-enabled tools to help enhance the productivity and efficiency of the workforce and create jobs.

The government said AI-driven automation, called “Smart AI” will be introduced in the next few years to enhance productivity in agriculture, industry and services, among others.

In India, the government is planning to launch a new AI initiative to create jobs, he said.

India has more than 150 million people in the age group of 18 to 64 and its labour force is projected to reach 6.8 million by 2030.

The economy has been growing at around 6.4% annually for the last four years.